Priyanka Kumble

Caravanserai - 2

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Caravanserai - 2 paris france pattern design caravan caravanserai refugees event islamicart pattern

Made in collaboration with Namrata Tiwari, for her thesis project.

Caravanserai is a Persian word where “caravan” means “a group of merchants” and “serai” means “a resting place.” Dotted along the ancient silk routes the Caravanserais were a resting place for merchants and facilitated the exchange of goods, culture, and information. Caravanserais are the solemn relics of what can be called the first globalised trading network between Asia and Europe that enabled exchange and co-habitation offering mutual benefit.

Caravanserai will transform urban spaces into cubicles of exchange for displaced artisans to meet, interact and collaborate with designers, entrepreneurs and locals in Paris. Caravanserai will facilitate dialogue around crafts and cultures in exile with talks, music, food and an immersive artisanal workshop.

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