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Hodor application - Game of Apps

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Hodor application - Game of Apps concept app animation ui mobile netflix series movie gameofthrones game of thrones hodor

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Full case on Behance:

This is the first of the 5 apps that I’ve done during the Game of Apps project.

Even in the world of magic, smartphone app can solve a lot of everyday life problems. I have decided to take this product design challenge. Took my time to analyze the problems and come with the solutions for several use cases

⚡️Problem to solve
Hodor, oh Hodor, Rest In Peace, you will always be in our hearts. One of the reasons for his his death is the communication problem.

🔥Proposed solution
We live in the age of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other buzz words. I believe, that with the AI help we could have created an app like Siri. It would understand what Hodor says and give him the right answer. We have AI, that understands dogs language, why not create the one for Hodor?

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