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A animation about women's fashion application

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Hello everyone, this is my recent animation practice in women's fashion applications. Mainly shows the animation of the bottom icon, the effect of the main page. Briefly, the user behavior path from viewing the product to purchasing the payment series. I hope that you will like this job. Please check the other pages. You can follow me,and I will bring you better works, thank you.大家好,这是我最近在女性时尚应用方面的动画练习。主要展示了底部图标的动画,主页面的效果。简要做了从查看产品到购买支付这一系列的用户行为路径。我希望你会喜欢这项工作。其他的页面请查看。你可以关注我,我会给你带来更好的作品,谢谢。

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