Scoot Urgent Mobile Support

As you know, we have two types of projects at Ramotion: client projects and internal ones (we name them "Ramotion Lab"). When we choose the next Ramotion Lab project we always ask ourselves is there any skill we want to "pump" or maybe an industry/client/area we want to work with or explore.

We don't know how does it work but it just works. This is the concept for a rental scooter product. We did these screens a few months ago, and now it's the first time we show them publicly. But a few weeks after we started working on this, a real client with a similar project approached us.

If you want to work on something maybe you shouldn't wait until the moment when a client contacts you. Just start exploring and working on the area of your interest as your own "Labs" project. So when the client approaches, you will be fully ready. You never know when an opportunity will present itself.

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