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Who Are You?

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Namaste, dear friends!
Just wanted to share some thoughts with you :)

When I was small, my grandmother used to tell me that there is different blood in my body. some mixture of different nationalitites. It was very interesting to learn that my grandma's father was German and her mother was from Latvia. My other relatives turned out to be from the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Siberia.

I always liked foreign languages and dreamed about communicating with someone who would speak some other language than my motherlanguage. I never felt that I belong only to some particular place, race or country. If you look closer, all these distinctions did not even exist 1000 years ago. :)

It is so nice to live realizing that all of us are children of God and that each and every one of us just wants to love and to be loved. Our only difference is in our temporal labels and masks, temporal forms and roles that we play...

Dear friends, wherever you are, thank you that you exist! I wish there was peace and harmony in the whole world! ❤🌿

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