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" Elevate - Grid Construction "
As you all know by now i truly love construction grids.
It is my key development process in each logo design or brand identity projects. First i do my research and brain storming of the idea and all the elements or combinations i want to represent and feature in the mark, than i proceed to sketch the rough ideas until i have a decent visual direction to work off from furthering the concept making sure it represents everything it should with in the project and can be used in many possible ways. Next i grab rulers and circle shapes making sure i have the proper radios and spacing for each logo until i am revealed with the sketched construction grid and take it to adobe illustrator to finalize and further the mark or brand identity.
I know many do it for the beautiful perspective pleasure for a clean presentation but some freehand the logo or create multiple concept ideas in vector format on adobe illustrator and chop away at the mark until they have what they want with all the correct alignments, regardless we all have our own unique process!
Let me know in the comments below!
I based the concept idea off a 3-dimensional arrow that takes the shape of an "E" representing elevation for the result of a unique professional mark.
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