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The expired instant film texture pack

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I'm excited to share these 18 textures with you. They have been carefully scanned, at very high resolution (2,400 ppi), from real Polaroid prints. The film was expired, which explains why the shots failed. On the other hand, it gave us these assets, so I'll call this a win.

The shots failed in a peculiar manner, taking neat gold brown hues. There is some marbling, smudges, and cracking. The back of the shots are dusty, and scratched. This makes for some neat textures to use, ranging from noise or dust effects, all the way to an instant retro color overlay effect. Some of the shots feature the frame, some don't. I had to deconstruct the prints as part of making this set.

The hero shots have been crafted using these textures for aging. The black textures work wonders when using the Screen blending mode of your favorite image editing software. The brown textures can be used with Overlay, Soft light, and more. You can see the results in the attachments. You'll also find a preview of all the textures, along with some 100% detail shots.

A quick note about the design of the hero shots: Paul Giambarda, the original designer for the visual identity/packaging/etc. for Polaroid, posted a fantastic archive of his work (#1, #2, #3, #4), along with process notes, and other thoughts, on his blog. It would be hard to deny that I emulated a lot of his beautiful work for the branding of the texture pack.

- Eighteen (18) textures
- Non-destructive editing in Photoshop
- The textures are 5,400 pixels wide at 300 ppi, and on average 6,159 pixels tall (18" wide)


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