Sathya Ram

FudTruk Vinyl Wrap Design

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I got to do the vinyl wrap for a food truck! After doing the logo and branding for the FudTruk, a food truck in the Lehigh Valley, I was able to achieve the opportunity to do the design for their actual truck! I was beyond excited!

I worked with a local print shop, Christmas City Printing
in Bethlehem on getting the design files in perfect shape for the vinyl cuts to be just right.

The folks behind the FudTruk wanted a more minimalist look so I suggested colorful icons which I thought would look good against the white truck. I wanted to throw a splash of orange near the bottom to bring out the orange from the logo and branding; I also wanted the logo to contrast dramatically, front and center, when you ordered.

I also built their website, where you'll see so much more about the FudTruk including the menu, food pictures which I took, some background video I made, some neat web design and pretty colors!

Do visit:

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