John Espino

The Square in the City of Circles

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UPDATE: GIF Version here: Link

I couldn't upload the GIF properly, but here's an Adobe XD preview link to view the animation: Link

Instruction: Tap on the Square to progress with the story.

When I first saw Adobe XD and Auto-Transition, I thought, wow that's a really cool way to make animated stories (even for prototyping reasons alone). As someone who uses Keynote for small animation work, I had fun using Adobe XD for animating this short story.

Note: The story is an original one that I made for an assignment in Microsoft Word proficiency class. You can read the story at this link: Dropbox

I wasn't able to finish the story due to the time constraints (I've only heard about this challenge today, natch), but if you want me to finish it, do tell!”

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