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Lisa Falcetti Communications Logo

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Lisa Falcetti Communications (LFC) delivers strategic marketing communications and public relations services for organizations who want to define their brand, build a reputation and create impact with internal and external communications programs – all to maximize performance and drive business results.

Lisa's core philosophy involves strategy navigation, creative planning and innovative thinking in deriving a solution.

Thought Process

The design is a combination of your initials and square. Together these form a simple maze abstract.

The design is constructed with an outline of a perfect square. Square conveys perfection and excellence and incorporating LFC initials subtly communicates the creativity Lisa brings to the solution.

The maze is an interesting puzzle which we solve or in our case, it is a responsibility you hold to find the solution. Solving a problem here is entering from one end and exiting from the other using strategy/thinking and bit of creativity. These values show what LFC are capable of.

We chose a simple san serif font that corresponds to the design with simplicity and professionalism.

The Tiffany blue(slightly darker shade) is selected here to convey freshness and increase the approachability towards LFC.

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