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Aces High Comic Cover Dribbble

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Aces High Comic Cover Dribbble dogfight kaiser albatross german top down perspective top down view aerial aviation biplane wwi ace aces distressed vintage comicbook cover art comics comic

I created this vintage style comic book cover based off the old pulp comic book series, "Aces High." The 1955 series was apparently short-lived; lasting just five issues before it was cancelled. Their cover art was inspiring though, and led me to creating this piece.

I intentionally made a few things stand out to distinguish between an authentic image of a vintage comicbook and my work here. The Albatross biplanes were not run through any of the filters I used, including the overlay of weathered parchment; thus their bright appearance standing out as they were literally on top of everything else in the layers sequence inside Adobe Illustrator.

Also, the Comics Code stamp is intentionally oversized to give away the fact this isn't a real comic book cover. Higher resolution here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/101104377@N03/32687885677/in/dateposted/

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