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Classroom Brief : To take an inspiration and design as well as construct a drawstring bag. The same had to have a surface exploration technique.

Inspiration : The shapes, textures and the intricacy of the Egyptian civilisation.The aura and elegance of the Princess of Nile.

Type of Bag : Bag pack.

Technique : Applique and Layering.

Functionality : Extremely light weight and comfortable to carry. The bagpack has reversible sides and can be used both as a white or a golden one.

Materials Used : White cow leather foiled on the flesh side, blue goat leather, gold eyelets, rivets, snap buttons, blue 3ply thread, metallic gold zipper and fancy jute rope.

Tools Used : Circular Punch, Zig-Zag scissors, Scissors, Cutter, etc.

Rough sketch illustrating the reversible aspect of the bagpack. The side panels of the bag have been attached to the middle panel with the help of zippers and can be detached very easily. The semicircular panels are detached and reversed. The two white sides can then be reversed and put back with the middle panel. This time the golden side on the outside, giving the bag a more funky and chic look.

The initial steps while making the bag. The middle panel of the bag is intricately designed taking inspiration from the various shapes and texture of the Egyptian civilisation and the Princess of Nile.

The final product. EESOME.

Designed and Constructed by : Mahima Sethi

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