Website Concept & Design for the Canadian Lead Generating Agency "Leadlion", with the help of the talented @Cris to re-brand their mascot Lion to create a very funny and conversion optimised website.

This was the first time I worked with the help of an Illustrator and I have to say the result we've come up to tell the story of this agency was simply awesome. It was harder than I thought to try to explain the Ideas I had for this site, and I've to say learned 2 Important things of working with an Illustrator:

1. Describe to the Illustrator the intention / feeling of the Illustration: What should it tell? What should this Illustration evoke and communicate?. Illustrators are also designers, and they can help you finding new ideas and explore concepts based on our initial thoughts to improve the message of the final graphic.

2. Draw instead of talking: It doesn't matter if you have ANY skill at drawing or not, I guarantee you it will be 10x easier for another person to understand what you have in mind for a scene if you make it real even as a simple and raw sketch on paper.

Link to website:

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