Mobile App for Hunting Music Festivals

Hey guys!

Are into music? If you are a true music fan, you know that there are few things in the world that can match a good music festival. Where else can you find such a concentration of fun, chill atmosphere, interesting people and top-rate bands? Exactly.

We live in happy times. There are LOTS of music festivals all over the world. Some would say even too many that it gets hard to choose. That’s where the mobile app for hunting music festivals can come in really handy.

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Designing an intuitive mobile app to simplify the search of festivals, making it look appealing for music fans.

To make the app look clean and at the same time appeal to the energetic vibe of those looking for a music festival I tried to find the sweet spot between smart whitespace utilization and bright color palette. In terms of usability I added the option to search by genres, dates and location as they are usually the main criteria for choosing a fest.

I came up with the first version of the design and would be glad to hear some feedback. How do you like the idea? Would you use such an app? What would you change?

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