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So, along the lines of equippable achievements (which are used to give your character bonuses and titles) I've decided that we'll also have what I'm calling "curses" which are, essentially anti-achievements players get for being stupid.

These will not only penalize a player's stats, they'll also provide fun and silly titles (like Keith The Village Idiot, etc.) The idea is that, when acquired, they'll replace any currently equipped achievement and the player will then need to pay to have them removed. We're thinking that in-game currency can be used after the curse has been in effect 24 hours or they can use a small micro-transaction of real money equiv. for instant removal.

Also seen here are our new potions slots. We decided to let people have persistent bonuses via consumables in the form of potions.

(Sorry these shots all look the same. The UI is basically set, we're just building things out now. )

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