BeoCreate App Icon Exploration

I feel we've gotten lazy with Mac app icons over the years, often taking a glyph and encasing it in a coloured circle or rounded square. It's disappointing and boring to see a Dock full of just these shapes when the format allows for a lot more creativity.

This is an exploration for an application I'm working on for Bang & Olufsen Create. I've always loved the classic "rotated canvas with a tool" style as well as the detail and photorealism in large Mac app icons, and decided to have fun with these ideas. Because the app is used to set up BeoCreate amplifier boards, the icon depicts the board with a precision screwdriver.

Modelled in Rhinoceros, rendered in Keyshot, touched up in Affinity Designer. It needs some work (or I may go in some other direction entirely), but it was definitely fun.

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