Komma needs your help!


Hey guys,

back at Uni I've been part of the Komma Design Magazine. It's a student magazine published at the University of Applied Science in Mannheim, Germany. A few weeks ago the 10th issue has been released by the current Komma team and over the last five years the various publishing teams have received multiple design awards for creating beautiful new designs for each issue.

Today we discovered a bar in Greece, which abuses the Komma Logo in the most blatant way I've ever seen.

Here's the original website of our magazine: http://komma-mannheim.de (German) and here's the Facebook page of that bar:

Please help use let them know that they need to stop stealing our design by posting on their wall!

Update: you can find a list of all recent komma issues here: http://komma-mannheim.de/?page_id=49 so you can see how far back this goes and how much work has been spent on our magazine.

Update: the Facebook page is no longer accessible. It seems like our efforts had some effect.

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