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Check out the attachment: 2560 x 1440 wallpaper


Based on my Airplane ツ icon, I wanted to create something different with the same approach, look and feel.

For Concorde, I tried a new technique (well, new for me): Motion blur in post production. So while this icon doesn't make as much sense as Airplane ツ did, I hope it is dribbbleworthy enough for you :D

The Concorde is a legendary supersonic transatlantic passenger airliner, with it's first flight in 1969. That's like a million years ago compared to the pace at which our technology advances these days. I find it amazing how they built such an awesomely looking super fast aircraft in a time where engineers used paper for technical drawings and considered calculators to be something special.

Only 20 of these beauties were built. After the only Concorde crash ever approx. 13 years ago, Concorde retired some time later in 2003.

But there's good news: Engineers are working on the "Son of Concorde", a new 300 passengers hypersonic Mach 5 (3,400 mph) airliner based on liquid hydrogen-powered engines.

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