Beautiful Acts Foundation

Pro-bono work for a Bosnian children's foundation. 'Beautiful Acts Foundation' / 'Fondacija Lijepa Djela'. The aim of the foundation is to build individuals through creative education, and in this way help build a better world tomorrow. The descriptions below are exerts from the client who is passionate and well informed.

Client: 'I organised a summer camp for girls from really hard social environments and most of whom were beyond poor. It was basically the two of us, with another friend. We asked to help cook with 11 girls, up on a mountain top in a cabin for a week. These girls had mostly never in their lives been up close with nature, nor had a vacation. Ever. Period. Many had self-esteem issues (age group was 7-13), and other behavioural problems. But it was amazing, so the following year we got some more volunteers, and did something similar.'

The program encourages kids / young adults to be involved and interested in the world around them, and inside of themselves too. Also building their self-esteem and curiosity for the world. To fight the boredom in this time of information overload. To get them to be transformed by intellectual discourse, art and nature that still holds so many mysteries. They say you can't teach wisdom. But you can teach how to listen and see. And then, maybe become wise in the process.

The concept we settled on was to translate the famous dandelion image into a tree with leaves blowing, as if coming into Autumn / Fall.

Posted on Jul 3, 2012
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