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another shot of chrome for iOS.

along with the icon i also think that the Footer bar could have been used for so much more, currently you have to select which section you want to see then navigate through it. So in the instance of bookmarks you have to browse through folders.. WHY? ok i like to be really organised but i can't be the only one :(

instead why not just have a little callout near the chrome icon that will open up those 3 options (most viewed, bookmarks and other devices) and similar to the way safari allows you to browse in the callout of there bookmarks, this callout allows you to select which bookmarks, most viewed or other device links to display.

they are then spread across the bottom bar and the user has quick access to them, these bookmarks can also be folders which will load up another callout with the links inside. Similar to the way you can scroll through tabs you can do this with the bookmarks.

in terms of most visited we could have little screenshots of those sites and again these can be scrolled :), you could even do this with bookmarks and the user could change this in preferences

attached is the current chrome footer and an example of an enhancement :)

as always feedback from you lovely people would be awesome.

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