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Over a year ago I have had the pleasure working together with Kolibri, on a very interesting project, on a pay app solution for a local bank (Íslandsbanki). The overall experience was to focus on creating a rich personal finance management with a full service bank solutions.

In between this content I’ve explored how users can maintain a network consisting of phone and/or social contacts as well as people they've interacted with, for all different payment solutions. The users can mark people or companies with as favourites and keep them within an easy reach.

The app includes a detailed cards view with an overall of the monthly transactions and an easy management of all accounts. Moreover the app is provided by a popup menu which offers the user an easy way to reach and interact, in between few steps, all different bank services.

This concept idea, after a lot of work and effort, back and forward ideas and iterations has not been entirely used by the client.

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