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Web Application for Traveling Surfers

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Hey guys!

Have just finished animating @Sasha Turischev's surfer web app design and decided to share it with you right away. The app is designed for traveling surfers who always struggle to find a perfect surfing spot with perfect weather conditions. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem, an application that reveals all surfing treasure spots.

Designing a surfing web and mobile app that can help find hot surf spots providing information about the weather, tides and surf reports. What you see above is a web app, soon we’re gonna share the mobile app design too.

One of the requirements to the design was to keep to dark color palette and make the app look futuristic in order to stand out from the rest of similar apps. That’s exactly what we ventured to do paying great attention to content architecture to make sure it’s smart and intuitive. We played a bit with the layout and composition searching for a solution that’d make the app both functional and unconventional, informative and engaging.

This is only the first iteration. The work goes on, so stay stay tuned for further updates. Let me know what you think about the animation! Would be glad to hear some feedback!

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