The Innovation:
An Augmented Reality Game that involves the community to interact with local businesses in specified geolocations. The Parallel’s mission is to educate our users on local artists and businesses in the community while coincidingly engaging our users in a fun and interactive quest for kickbacks. Our goal to achieve our mission statement is by entertaining happy users and happy businesses. We will do this by offering advertising means to our businesses and in return delivering prizes to our users.

The Parallel falls into a market that shows room for long-term growth in the digital entertainment and advertising industries. Individuals will always like means of entertainments, and companies will always need means of advertising and marketing. With technology not slowing down any time soon, this is the perfect opportunity to create a well-balanced system of users and businesses to engage with our solution.

The Parallel's Philosophy:
Creating a well-balanced partnership between the user, the business, and the Parallel. Our Philosophy can be well manicured by the following key factors: Education, Curiosity, Engagement, Growth, and Culture.

Education: By teaching our users about their local surrounding environments, and enriching user’s current knowledge of the towns they live in.

Curiosity: Creating an underlying curiosity to play and win, while engaging in an educational under-toe.

Engagement: Interacting the user with businesses in an active manner and engaging users to be proactive about visiting these sponsoring locations.

Community Growth: The idea of personal growth when speaking of users, financially and educationally, while also growing the markets of partnering and sponsoring businesses.

Culture: Diversifying the pre-existing knowledge of one's city, and enabling faster learning about talented individuals and successful establishments local to users geolocations.

The Concept:
The Parallel is a universal game that can be downloaded as an application onto any mobile device with a camera. Using geolocations the user can play with a map associated and created for their city. Within the parallel you can win prizes including money and objects, which sponsors will offer as incentives as a way to advertise through the application. Notifications will alert users of “drops”, or location points when new offers and prizes are available. The user must travel to the object, scan the correct trigger point, and locate the augmented reality video, animation, or 3d object. The prizes will be determined by a first come first serve basis. Companies will be able to offer a prize and allotted amount, which will be communicated to the user upon the drop. If the allotted amount runs out, stars will be offered to those who still capture the trigger point, and stars will add up to prizes later on. After the user captures the AR, the businesses information will stay dormant in the recent finds section on the app, so that the user can remember the locations they visited and will be reminded to visit again as a prospective customer. This application will be used for B2B and B2C.

The Features:
Campaign: In efforts of creating a go to market strategy, the utilization of a story to tell was important to explore. Playing with the idea of multiple dimensions, The first campaign was designed to play off a multi-leveled universe by adding mystery to our present conceptions of time and space.

The Narrative:
What if the world as you knew it had a hidden reality? And to seek the hidden, all would be a click away. Would you Dive in? Would you seek the parallel?

Heather Waroff
UX Designer with Motion, Branding, and Marketing Experience.

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