Chris Hudson

F&G:0007 Modern Classic branding sheet

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Wrapping up the brand assets for the latest Fortune & Glory release after the pre-orders went live last week.

For the concept - I always loved studying the topographical maps of Shetland when I was young, so for the past year, I’ve been trying to build this into F&G packaging, swing tags or stickers but nothing seemed to fit. That was until this design came along.

After putting all the F&G stock out on display out a local event last year, I realised that all our tees led with the name Fortune & Glory on the design - which is fine, but if you haven’t got any connection with the brand you didn’t have any reason to pick it up beyond any visual appeal of the type.

So with this in mind, I deliberately set out to push our tagline - one part of the brand I’ve been happiest with since we launched. Starting out as a dumb John Snohhh impression, the phrase Forged In The North began clicking with me, after all you don’t live in the north - you get Forged by The North.

This gave me an opportunity to use the Ordnance survey map idea, adding a compass as part of the F&G branding - with it pointing homewards obviously.

Add a few more bits of branded copy, around the design, the 56th and 60th parallels and a random quote from Independence Day (yeah I don’t really know why that ended up in the design, but it did) and the design laid itself out.

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