GridFriday 6 | Play Fire logo in 5 steps ( for sale )

Hey guys,
this Friday I decided to post the grid for my Play Fire logo that I've designed for Linkfire (unused concept). This logo was also selected for Logolounge 11 book.

This logo combine the play icon and shapes that create illusion of fire. Here are the 5 steps to create this logo:
1. Create a play icon with six hexagons
2. Copy the play icon from 1st step and trasform the
hexagons in circles
3. Overlap the icons from 1st and 2nd steps.
4. Connect all hexagons with lines to create
a closed shape
5. Select all shapes, divide and delete the corners to
create a rounded play icon.
*Now you have the grid and you can start the most fun part, coloring. I use Live Paint Bucket, but it's up to you, choose the method that works better for you.

I hope this steps and logo grid will inspire you to create something new and awesome!

Have a lovely weekend, guys! :)

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