New Multitasking - Finder for iPad Concept

Hey there 👋

After playing around with file management concepts on the iPad Pro, this time I wanted to have a deeper look into improving multitasking.

The biggest change in this concept is that the multitasking is not limited to 2-3 apps, instead it's an infinite line of apps running side by side and you can easily switch and swipe between them with 3-finger-swipes. 🔥

In addition, you can also run 3 apps side-by-side and you can always rearrange the apps however you like.

This post is only the first half of the multitasking concept and an additional one is coming soon. ✌️

🎁Grab the .Studio file here
👉Play with the prototype here
📖Read the case study about this concept here
🎥Watch the full video here
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