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An internal Atlassian blog post I wrote to seek for design champions (designer, content designer, developer, researchers etc) to bridge the gap. I want to get this company excited, be the change they seek, and TRULY shape the Atlassian design system to their product needs. Weโ€™d like to create a forum where assumptions can be challenged and see changes come into fruition.

Iโ€™ve been on the design system team for nearly three years, and gosh so much passion was put into this blog post. We have 221 designers spread across 9 countries and we are unfortunately still so Sydney centric. In the hopes of this is to create a formalized community of design system lovers and users, geared towards being champions that help fuel the Atlassian design system.

Later in the blog I talk about finding champions who can thread the pieces between the system and their product. I imagined a passionate individual holding a thread with those elements curled up. If youโ€™re interested to know what those elements are:

- Designer / content designer / researcher / developer / devsigneer
- You eat visual design foundations (typography, grid, illustration, iconography) for breakfast
- Regularly sippin' that can of sweating the details. Especially when you can see the 1px difference when components arenโ€™t aligned properly
- Eager to give back and educate others
- Youโ€™re always wearing your accessibility hat
- Passionate about sparking joy when building for scale
- Love research and use it often to inform your work

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