Agustín Seguí

Fuck Nudes. Send me your playlist. (HOMwork)

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I`m very glad to join the #HOMwork crew this week. I knew Lauren`s work by listening to the #CreativePepTalk by @andyjpizza 🍕 and really wanted to start boosting my creativity and skills with those little briefings @Lauren Hom sends us every week.

The prompt for this week was proposed by @Meg Lewis The assignment was to design or letter a typographic layout featuring a funny quote or tweet and add any imagery that contributes to its message. I chose a really cool one from Diddy because I love knowing people through their music. It`s funny to break the hype of the nudes in this way.

So, here is my first homwork. I wanted to keep some of my own real handwrite on the script as if it was a signed record.

Hope you like it. Feel free to share it to someone attached to your playlists!

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