Damien Hottelier Logo Design

Damien hottelier logo design

Logo design for a young Swiss lawyer who was looking for a brand mark that was a little less stuffy/conservative than his competitors. Something personal that he could literally stamp his mark/authority with.

I ended up being able to fashion the mark out of the 3 initials: the H being cheekily forced out of the negative space. Tried all manor of tweaks to try and get the H more condensed to match the font, but doing this either made the H/A too narrow. As it's his surname, and he is mostly going by his Christian name, then this shortfall proved to be livable.

The shape of the lowercase a was kept the same as the D for symmetry karma. This meant fashioning the same style a for the word avocat… just for continuity and all that.

The mark also works wonderfully as his website favicon and various social media profile profiles.

We are now working on the business cards which will be printed just as my previous Sifter letterpress cards. That logo mark should work quite nicely letterpressed.


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