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Hi Dribbblers 🏀,

“My dear Shopping, I love you and hate you cause you to bring me joy and nerves, pleasure and sadness. You give me a chance to buy hundreds of new clothes, but you don’t tell me how to wear them. And I’m coming home and sitting in the corner, covered by those T-shirts, jeans, and sweaters, thinking about only one thing – how all these people make such stylish looks?”

We’ve decided to stop this great depression and created a concept of the mobile app to buy not separate clothes but looks.

On the screen, you may see, that even if you change a jacket, nothing wrong will happen – you will be able to see other variants of the look. And it will be the same stylish!

Photos from Balenciaga website

And L for Like if you also believe, that this app can save tears of buyers, stylists and people, who love shopping with all of their hearts!

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