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Today's fanart illustration from Ricky Gervais' new show After Life is Postman Pat (played by Joe Wilkinson) - All cast is coming, one artwork everyday until we run out of characters.

Softwares used: Windows Ink and Adobe Illustrator. Remember that a commission like this only costs you 5$ and we'll deliver it the same day you request it! DM us, comment or check us out on Fiverr to ask for one! :D

Timelapse videos made with oCam; you can find them on our YouTube channel in this link -> https://youtu.be/r9bKLxb2e3I

We also do commissions and stuff, just ask :)

At the moment, the LJ Planets stickers are only available on our RedBubble Store - https://rdbl.co/2SJDIll - but not for long!! In the meantime you can contact us to purchase our "small Jupiter sticker" directly from us (see previous posts)!

Check out our awful new YouTube channel where we show the world that we don't know anything about video editing and YouTube channels :D you can find our channel here --> https://bit.ly/2TCVBrk

For only $5 you can have your custom character!! How great is that?? Just check us out on Fiverr and request something :) go to https://bit.ly/2TEWv60 or look for lincolnandjames on Fiverr.

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