Art logo design and brand identity elements for banking startup

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What is brand identity design, and how do you create it for our brand? This is a good and typical question from our clients.

Our client had a bright idea of mobile banking application for a millennials audience, his basic requirements were:

It still has to be easy to operate/read, and serious and modern enough for a bank. Our bank card will be glow in the dark, so a 'neon', vibrant, colorful, young theme all through is what we want. seamless and simple. Being around with a logo for 'Z'.

So we had no choice and did our the best modern logo concept design. Brand identity included logos, typography, colors, and it complements and reinforces the existing reputation of a brand.
It's not just a logo, the colors that we design with or the website that our client's potential target audience visits, it's a custom design. And what is your way to creating a stunning logo design?

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