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Growing more human: a journey to empathetic AI

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Hey guys!

We’ve just published an article about a cool AI product we’re working on here at Zajno. It’s an AI-based digital companion called Maslo. Created by ex-googlers Ross Ingram and Cristina Poindexter to help people become better versions of themselves and focus on what’s important in life, it lacked a vehicle in which to set forth — and so our job was to create first a mobile app, and then a website, with which to introduce Maslo to the world, and the world to Maslo.

The website is currently nominated on FWA. Support us here!

The animated illustration you see above was created for the article where we talk about artificial intelligence that presents a stark choice: often associated with outsourcing thinking to machines, it could also be used to help us grow as people. With a thoughtful take on AI-powered voice journaling, that’s exactly what Maslo aims for.

Explore the human side of AI here:

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