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Congolese Girls Coalition (CGC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and supporting projects that improve our country and empower our people; As well as, using our platform to connect Congolese girls, of all ages, across the globe. Our core goal shall be to improve the lives and wellbeing of all Congolese people. We will do this through collaborations with already established organizations and by creating new initiatives that will benefit the local community. Our efforts focus on helping women and children first, but CGC is dedicated to improving Congo for everyone. Our efforts will deal with the following issues: Hunger and malnutrition, education, gender equality, sustainable waste disposal, and supporting victims of violent and domestic crimes, sex trafficking, forced labor, and child abuse. These goals are in line with the UN Sustainable and Millennium development goals. Our second aim focuses on connecting women and girls across the diaspora and at home through internet-based platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. These online community will work to help Congolese girls and women share their stories, form friendships in their local community, and increase the visibility of Congolese people, achievements, and issue. While also, providing a blueprint and audience for those who strive to be online content creators.

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