Kaitlin Brasuell

Hufflepuff Pride

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Hufflepuff Pride pottermore badger harry potter hufflepuff illustration photoshop illustrator

Hufflepuff Pride Day! 🦡 🏰Seven years ago, I made a set of 4 chalk drawings for my living room when I had my very first Annual Harry Potter Feast. Each year is a different theme: End of Term, Gilderoy Lockhart Fan Party, S.P.E.W., Yule Ball, etc. I thought that I was going to erase them and change the art all of the time, but here we are, 7 years later, and they are still there—getting the occasional touch up. I really should spray them with something to make them permanent, but there is something exciting and beautiful about them being vulnerable to erasure. 🦡 🦡 🦡
I decided to make a set of digital drawings of my original chalkboard pieces that were based on the Pottermore house badges.

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