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Check out the attachment: A 2560 x 1440 wallpaper :D

There's also a Making Of!

This is a rough concept for an aviophobia relief app icon. Aviophobia = fear of flying. The mood is set based on the colors I associate with dreams. The glassy icon frame reflects subtle, soft clouds. I tried to abstract as much away from the airplane as possible and keep it simple. No landing flaps and other non-shape-defining details. The frame itself represents the airport, on the right side the terminal with the gateway to the airplane.

I don't have any intention for actually creating an app using this icon. At least not right now ツ

Making of: Prototyped, modeled & rendered in modo 601. Then heavily post-processed in Photoshop, with 80% of the work dedicated to digital painting, cleaning up render glitches and other stuff. The wallpaper is digitally painted as well.

@Konstantin Datz's and @Moritz v. V. 's Tiny Airport Scene Teaser 1 (+ #2) inspired me to do something with a sweet B747 aircraft.

Also check out the Concorde version!

Let me know what you think. Found anything improve worthy? Which parts suck, which parts do you like?

Love to read your awesome comments!

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