Adele Album / Tour Announcement

Towards the end of my time at Songkick I was tasked with designing conceptual design work that would be pitched to Adele's tour manager by our CEO. We had an "in" because he was her very first tour manager when she was just performing at coffee shops, etc. He'd heard she might be releasing a new album / touring for the first time in five years and was given a 15 minute window during a cab ride to the airport to pitch to her new tour manager.

I designed and conceptualized this project with only the lyrics to the song (song hadn't been released yet). Users upon visiting would be engaged with a conversation based on the lyrics to this unreleased song. As the user further engaged the screen zeroed in further into their IP address taking them closer to their home before announcing that she was releasing a new album and touring.

Long story short, they liked the work and were given rights to sell their VIP ticket packages giving us the biggest year

Justin Meyers
Independent Art Director + Brand Designer

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