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Daily UI Challenge #8

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Daily UI Challenge #8 graphic design web design digital design adobe xd photoshop after effects ui ux 404 page 008 daily ui

Day 8 of my Daily UI Challenge!
Presenting a 404 Page for my “Sith coffee brand”👩🏽‍💻
Today was EXTREMELY frustrating for me as I basically have no experience with After Effects! I spent an hour designing in XD then I literally spent the entire day switching between tutorials, websites that may help me, After Effects then finally Photoshop🤯
I really wanted to give up on animating my design but if I gave up when things got frustrating then I’d never make any progress. I constantly try to challenge myself and I think it’s safe to say that today was definitely a HUGE challenge!!
Seeing the end result now, I’m way more motivated to keep challenging myself so I can constantly level up as a UX/UI Designer!👸🏽

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