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  1. Oleg Sheremet Oleg Sheremet

    Simple and clean UI for food delivery service app

    almost 2 years ago

  2. Dhiren Adesara Dhiren Adesara

    Good job :)

    almost 2 years ago

  3. Ramy Majouji Ramy Majouji

    Very cool idea, the type needs some work though!


    almost 2 years ago

  4. Nuruzzaman Sheikh Nuruzzaman Sheikh

    looking great!

    almost 2 years ago

  5. Jeff Broderick Jeff Broderick

    Looks sweet! Not a fan of the subtle grey background behind the navbar buttons. Also, might want to make the selected "tab" a bit more obvious. Other than that, looks great to me! :)


    almost 2 years ago

  6. Oleg Sheremet Oleg Sheremet

    Thanks every one for kind and useful comments!!! :)))

    almost 2 years ago

  7. Andrey S. Rodrigues ☝ Andrey S. Rodrigues ☝

    very nice!

    almost 2 years ago

  8. Igor Syvets Igor Syvets

    Mmm... Cheese...

    almost 2 years ago

  9. Christina Connelly Christina Connelly


    over 1 year ago

  10. Christian Pfeiffer Christian Pfeiffer

    Very nice!

    about 1 year ago

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