Isabel Calder

Onboarding Wireframe

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Onboarding Wireframe ux wireframing desktop wireframe balsamiq onboarding 023 daily ui daily ui 023 dailyui023 uid daily dailyui

For DailyUI #023 I did things a little differently, focusing wireframing in Balsamiq, rather than sleek UI in a design program such as SKetch, Invsion, Adobe XD etc. I wanted to concentrate on the content that needed to be on this onboarding desktop web app and have some hands-on experience using Balsamiq. I would recommend the program to anyone with mediocre handwriting like me though I'm not in love with the Comic Sans-y feel of Balsamiq’s UI. I do see how it could be used to make changes more quickly than redrawing traditional pen and paper sketches without distracting from feedback on content/layout.


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