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DailyUI #010: Share Button

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DailyUI #010: Share Button 2d animation motion animation animation 2d 2d animation button animation button design buttons button share share buttons share button motion design ui dailyui 010 dailyui

DailyUI #010: Share Button.

Share Button

#dailyui #010

Hey guys,
It's been 10 days I've started 100-day challenge with @Daily UI

So here's my #010. Hope you enjoy, please leave some feedback in the comments.

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Focusing on more natural language in my UIs and trying to conceive a different paradigm for engaging with users on simple interactions.
Adding meaning in every interaction.
Trying to do the UI daily challenge as I've been focusing on a lot of other things lately. Pushing myself,
I'll do my best to stick to every day, but life happens so I won't promise 100% adherence.

I am available for taking your project to the next level.
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