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East Coast vs West Coast Challenge 2: Coast Logo

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East Coast vs West Coast Challenge 2: Coast Logo ewdc playoff design challenge east west

EAST vs WEST Design Challenge #2: Coast Logo
Welcome back to the second week of the East vs West Design Challenge! Last week's competitors hailed mostly from the East, possibly scaring off possible West challengers in doing so! However, the one West competitor, Theo Folinas came out on top designing his pixel infused UI Kit with a whopping 22 likes! In second place, from the East was Patrick Steele with his "Outdoor UI Kit", which showcased colors that one may not always find in a UI kit, tallying 20 likes! In third place, also from the East, Bradley Patrie! Brad uploaded a "Soft UI Kit" that gave off soothing vibes and made those buttons all so pushable, with a total of 16 likes!
Give it up to Theo, Patrick, and Brad!

Cheers to everyone who participated! A great showing by the East, but can the West show some numbers? Here comes the next one!

Challenge #2: Coast Logo
This week's task is to create a "logo" for your coast. A logo may be:
- A mark
- A custom text treatment
A logo may not be:
- a photo

As well as a designed shot of your logo, you MUST include an attached style sheet, showing your logo white on black, black on white, and in 3 reduced sizes (around 90x90px) to show its versatility. Including other color palettes or treatments is optional.

For players without a pro account, you cannot "attach" extra images to your shots. We recommend:
- Using your "Public" folder of your account
- Imgur image hosting
- Flickr
- Your own server you may link to.

Like'ers: Take into account the shot, and the stylesheet before clicking Like!

Let the game begin!

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