Seawall Photographer

If you can't think of what to animate, photos make great inspiration. This scene was adapted from a photograph I took on Vancouver's seawall at English Bay a few years ago—one of my favourite places in the world for a walk at sundown. Here is the source photo:

It took a lot of tinkering to get the right look. The girl (along with her bike and the ships in the distance) was traced from the source photo in Illustrator and rigged & animated in After Effects with Duik. The ocean was created by blending a few instances of Trapcode Mir. The seawall itself was made using rotated shape layers, with fractal noise for texturing. The lighting was accomplished with a distant point light for the sun and a couple ambient lights (orange and purple) for fill. I used 3D models for the bike wheels so I could get the spinning back tire, which was done with Element 3D.

*This is a re-upload. I made a few improvements to the composition (namely reducing to 12fps and improving the look of the water). I couldn't remove the artifacts from the gif, unfortunately. :(

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