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Revamping Bukalapak's Feedback & Review Page

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Hi guys! It’s been a long time since my last shot.
This is the recent project I've worked on the last few weeks.

Every single day, there are millions of buyers who purchase something on Bukalapak, but only little amount of them are willing to fill out the feedback & give review for the stuff they bought. We found out that the main reason was that our review flow was too complicated for them.

The biggest challenge we faced on this project was to simplify the review flow itself so that it'll be easier for our buyers to give the seller feedback and item review. After lots of challenges, meetings, discussions, and tears... We finally did it.

By merging the seller feedback and item review on the same page, buyers will be able to give review by only tapping on the thumbs up/down and star buttons. Hopefully, with this seamless design, our buyers will be more excited to give feedback and review on this page.

Kudos to my teammates @Ibnu Ari , @Arvie Pravira , @Rizki Fauzi for the hard work!

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