Moltin Child Product Builder with Variations Concept

Variations are a big part of what makes Moltin so powerful. It allows customers to define their products and easily generate the multitude of ‘child-products’ available by specifying options and modifiers.

For example without our variations builder selling 1 t-shirt with 2 fits (male and female), 3 styles and 6 sizes would mean creating 36 individual products.

These designs are from a concept of how child products can be better created and maintained within our Dashboard.

Variations are created separately from products so can be tied to multiple products. So for example 'Gender' and 'T-Shirt Sizes' can be easily maintained and tweaked across an entire product library in one go. However how Variations themselves are managed is for another time..


Attachment 1: Shows a list of child products currently built within the product editor.

Attachment 2: Shows the interface used to build child products. To select which variations are required and show a preview of what will be created.


Happy to give more context if people are interested! 😊

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