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Among the hot UI design trends of the recent year, 3D graphics are rocketing on top of creative experiments. Why is that so? No doubt, integration of various 3D graphics into mobile and web interfaces is quite a challenge that requires specific skills and artistic eye to be crafted well. What's more, it's time-consuming. However, it is definitely eye-catching and users will never pass by. The 3D renders often look photorealistic which is a big advantage for user interface design: graphics of that kind may save the game in cases when photo content you need is impossible to get or highly expensive.

Our today's design concept is another showcase of the practical implementation of 3D animation into the web user experience. It's a blog devoted to health problems, tips and recommendations – and the design solution for visuals is non-standard. Instead of photos or illustrations, the creative team made a choice on catchy 3D rendered models and objects. That lets the resource combine traditional approaches to the health theme with innovations and transfer this idea visually from the first seconds of visiting the website. What do you think about that?

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