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In 2015, Equator managed to plant over 640 000 trees in one single day. The challenge was also taken by India which beat the record in 2016 with a total of 50 million trees planted in 24 hours. The figure was then surpassed the following year, reaching 66 million of trees planted on the same day.⁣

On the Pakistan side, the operation under the name ‘Billion Tree Tsunami’ gathered 16 000 activists working to reach this incredible target for three years. China gathered a part of its gigantic army to increase by 33.8 million hectares its territory green space within five years. And finally Australia set itself the goal of planting a billion trees by 2030.⁣

Trees play a vital role in cleaning the air as they absorb CO2 throughout the day and release oxygen at night. Considered as the true lungs of the world, it is our duty to make sure they develop well.⁣

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