Saturn - MTL Pinball

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Saturn - MTL Pinball montréal pinball astrology colorfull gravity saturn comos planet space design texture motion design animation

Details 1/3 of my collaboration for MTL Pinball

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"MTL PINBALL is a collaboration project from Montréal based talents. Each artist was asked to design and animate a PINBALL with his style and universe. -
Artists in order of appearance @coelhojordan, @louisrobert.co, @lost.rituals.co, @tetsouille, @dalkhafine, @lorry_bdt, @bewoy, @sebcamden, @alexgirard.work, @vince.hurtu, @vincent_raineri, @mayleekeo, @doublehugo, @stefgemm

Sound design : @audiospheric

Concept & Design @coelhojordan @Bewoy"

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