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Hello dribbblers!

It took soooo long to finish this project, but now, after 600+ hours of hard working, we are happy to present you updated and improved Symbol Design System 2 with a completely new structure and Sketch 53.2 friendly.

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What's new?
- Symbols and Styles work unison
- New atomic structure based on 4px spacing
- 25 mockups added
- Included Candy Shop Landing Illustration Pack
- Over 100 new vector icons
- New Typography. Nunito Sans changed to Work Sans
- 150+ new ready to use responsive components
- Fresh color palette
All these features are designed to speed up and simplify your work.

NOTE: If you have bought the first version of Symbol just redownload a new one from Gumroad Library. Also, SDS2 is still available via Craftwork Unlimited Access subscription.

NOTE 2: Do not update your current projects based on SDS1. New Symbol is not compatible with the first version.

We just published it on ProductHunt. Take a look and leave us a comment, what do you think about it!

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