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Hi Dribbblers 🏀,

In best traditions thanks @Danil Sergienko 👻 for the invitation to Dribbble!

And a special thanks to @UX ENERGY design agency!

While the world is straggling from bad news (well, they are mostly bad, let’s be honest), I’ve decided to change the concept of the daily news mobile application. Tired of Trumpism and Brexit? Wanna get feed only in the category you like? Follow colors – all news articles are collected in special tiles, made in one color!

Wanna get rid of boring news? Just swipe them down and read only something, you are really interested in! This mobile app is more than a concept – it’s a way to make your life full of interesting content. So, no more counting days until the next economic crises, let’s count likes!

Modern world requires fare business, this is why I would like to mention some sources, where I’ve taken images for the concept of the mobile application:

Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3 |

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